Currently known as Hualien Harbor , Hualien Harbor sits on the northeast corner of Hualien City , originally a coastal marsh patch, but later developed as one of the four main harbors in Taiwan .

In addition to transport, Hualien Harbor is also the first in Taiwan to be planned as one specifically for entertainment, including marine ecology exhibition, cetacean rescue center and whale-watching service.

Whale-watching at Hualien Harbor can go all the way from Cingshui Cliff up north to Yanliao down south; measuring 21km , Cingshui Cliff is a legendary site, holding up against erosion after millions of years of weathering, still standing erect, almost perpendicular, on the Pacific.  

Cruising with the breeze is enjoyment as well as leisure! Expert interpreters on the whale-watching boat will take you through the landscapes and historical legends of Hualien, as well as the biological resources and cetaceans of this land.
No. 37, Mingchuan Rd. , Hualien City (Next to Astar Hotel)
Telephone G 03-8333821
No. 315-1, Chungmei Rd., Hualien City
Telephone G 03-8238000
(Please help us in urging them to join the Whale-watching Award; protect us, preserve cetaceans.)

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Huadong 1
Huadong 2

Telephone G 03-8238000


Telephone G 03-8234139

Telephone G 03-8333821
Address G
No. 66, Haian Rd., Hualien City, Hualien County (Hualien Harbor Bureau) /03-832-513
Public Transport G
Take the train to Hualien Station, and take a taxi at the Station because but there is no direct bus to Hualien Harbor .


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